Frequently asked Questions

We guarantee deliver ability while never ringing the phone. In rare cases a phone could ring once or twice if the receiver has a setting to ring if voicemail is left.
We are the preferred non-dialer, and delivers directly to a cell phone voicemail server via landlines. Suppliers Cell phone voicemail resides on landline servers at the phone company.
We guarantee clear delivery of your complete message We use the best system that would rather not deliver a message at all than cut it off.
If 5,000 to 30,000 messages begin broadcasting in the morning, they should be completed by mid afternoon with our robust system.
First, it depends on the age and accuracy of the phone list. Second, callbacks depend on the product being serviced or sold. It is one of the fastest responses available today in marketing. Also one of the best ROI in marketing.
Any business that needs to generate more leads and customers. Home improvement, home repair, personnel and professional services, retail businesses, or organizations that need to send messages to a large list.
A “carrier certified” delivery rate to cell phone voice mail of 70 to 80% on "deliverable numbers" is excellent. Remember YOU only Get Charged for DELIVERED MESSAGES!
You should receive a Full Report within 24-Hours from End of Campaign Your statement tells what numbers received successful deliveries.
As messages arrive throughout the day your associates will start to get calls. If the call is going to be returned, the vast majority occur are within 2 or 3 hours of receipt. We work with you to gauge staffing and avoid busy signals.
Yes we offer Voice Mailboxes for a small fee to track your call backs and record messages and phone numbers from call backs. These call backs leaving a voice mail message in your Voice mailbox will forward the message to your email address and a notice by text to your cell phone if you wish that shows when you receive a voice mailbox message.
Yes we suggest in your first kick off of your campaign you track different campaigns Example if you send 2,000 to start you may want to send 1,000 messages with FEMALE voice and 1,000 with MALE voice. After you track response select the Voice that collects a higher feedback. Now you do a second test with 3,000 you may try 3 Different offers 1,000 Numbers each and use 3 different Voice mailboxes with different phone numbers to track which offer generates the best response.
Everything should be tested - you can test a Voicemail Drop with a Website address and one without and see which one generates a higher result. You should also have different website landing pages with different domain names in voice mail message to track the response from different lists or different offers.
Yes We Have Pre Made professional voice mail messages we can customize for your messages. The rate is $50 for up to 60 seconds. Allow 48-Hours to 72-Hours for Custom Voice Mail Professional Messages. Male or Female Available. You can Record Your Message FREE at our website.
Your Voice Mail Message should not exceed 60 Seconds These are 1-Minute Voice Mail Drops, Amount of words in an average 1-Minute Message is 150 so keep your 60 second message down to 125 to 150 words.
We provide our service to anyone for any legal use.
Yes you can send Voice Mailbox Drops to Businesses or Consumers.
We separate land lines from cells. We don’t charge for this service. We send Voice Mailbox Drop to the Cell Phones Only.
Our wholesale rates are $49 per thousand successful delivery. Minimum orders 5,000 Pricing is based on the number of certified deliveries. A sample test is $99 for 1,000.
Yes you may send Voice Mail Box Drops to ANY List. There is no opt in required.
Yes we can offer you a copy of this website and free hosting and you can set pricing at your own price. Many companies charge $99 per 1,000 .10 each Some charge up to .15 each. The great thing on this business is one client may re order every day or week all year.